Not just CRM – Astute RM

Astute RM has all the customer management features that you would expect from a full-featured CRM tool, but unlike our competitors, we don’t stop there. Astute also offers specialized features to manage your relationship with your employees, your lenders and contract providers, your dealer trade partners, and more. Our software is created by car dealers for car dealers, so we recognize that chasing leads is only one aspect of how you manage your business. Astute is the modern, full-featured, value-oriented toolbox for managing all of your relationships!

What Sets Us Apart?

Our software fits your existing workflow

Quick links allow you to jump back and forth between computer and mobile device easily, and deep integration with Outlook, Word, and Excel allows you to accomplish more with the programs you already know and use.

We didn’t reinvent the wheel

Our calendars, mail, and contacts are compatible with Internet standard formats. You can use Outlook or your favorite native app for iPhone or Android to respond to emails, track appointments, and more while you are on the go, or use our built-in web interface to keep in touch.

We help you stay in your lane

Each user has a job-role-based and customizable interface designed to keep their focus where you want it, instead of distracting them with information and features that they don’t need. Most quick "side tasks" open up in modal dialogs without navigating you away from your current view, so that you can finish them without losing focus on your primary task.

Work multiple deal scenarios without duplicating data

Present your customers with multiple vehicle or financing options side-by-side with minimal data entry. Easily switch back to older proposals based on customer feedback.

Communicate on your customer’s terms

Reach out using email, text messaging, and VOIP calling features, plus phone scripts, templates, and text message snippets to keep your communications professional and consistent between employees.

Maintain control of employee communications

Managers have visibility of all communications between employees and customers, including email and text message communications. With optional calling features, calls can be logged or even transcribed for full transparency. As salespeople come and go, correspondence is not lost, so new employees can pick up where old ones left off.

Powerful business analytics features

Quickly build customer lists of sold, working, or dead leads, with easy and dynamic filtering and sorting options. Export lists, assign tasks, or analyze data with our intuitive “group and compare” feature. Save your favorite data views and create custom dashboard views for unparalleled visibility of dealership performance indicators.

About Us

Astute RM was created in 2019 by Brendan Hurley and David Swanson. With over a decade of combined experience working for automotive CRM companies, they sought to create a more modern and better architected product that captures the best features of existing CRMs while avoiding the mistakes and limitations that they have seen in their experience with legacy software. At its core, Astute RM was designed from the ground up to be more phone and tablet friendly, more standardized for better flexibility and integration, less dependent on expensive dealership infrastructure, and more adaptable to bigger dealer groups and smaller used car lots alike. During their past endeavors, they collected extensive data on how users were interacting with CRM software. They were able to use this data in order to make the most common workflows easier to perform, while trimming or automating unused features for a simpler and cleaner interface that maximizes user productivity.

Astute RM owner Brendan Hurley has been a dealership owner himself for over three decades and provides a wealth of experience and insight to the development team. Unlike our more expensive competitors, our developers test their software in real dealerships, and work hands-on with salespeople, managers, and BDC departments to incorporate feedback “from the trenches” for a product that is more streamlined and practical, with a firm understanding of what you need and how you operate your business. Also, unlike our more expensive competitors, Astute RM is privately owned and financed, meaning that your monthly bill goes straight into development and infrastructure, not into amortizing hundred-million-dollar buyouts and paying off shareholders. This allows us to provide a surprisingly comprehensive and feature-rich product at a fraction of the price of our competition.

Company Leadership

Brendan Hurley

Co-Owner and Manager

Brendan Hurley has been a dealership owner since the 1980s with franchises spanning many brands and relationships throughout the world of car dealerships. He also has an academic background in computer science and has worked with several other dealership management software companies. In addition to playing an active role in efficient workflows and intuitive interfaces, he adds a wealth of knowledge about the industry, and numerous connections with industry partners that help Astute RM create beneficial relationships with other software providers and industry gurus. In addition to his duties at Astute, he is currently an FCA franchisee and is currently preparing to open the I4 AutoMall in DeLand, Florida, which will house numerous dealerships and will feature a wealth of innovative technology that is likely to create the blueprint for the car dealership of the future.

David Swanson

Co-Owner and Lead Developer

David Swanson holds a master’s degree in application development and has spent the majority of his career focusing on dealership management software. His background in API development and product integration make him well-suited to work in the highly-connected world of automotive software. His breadth of experience in mobile app and web development, along with his server and database management experience help him to create a solid infrastructure and to create solutions that work on all types of devices to support flexible, modern workflows. Although he spends much of his time managing the development team, he is still actively involved in feature development, integrations, and database optimization.

Timothy Carnes

Database Architect

Tim Carnes has nearly thirty years of experience in database architecture, administration, and reporting, and earned a doctorate degree in 2003. His experience spans multiple industries including automotive, banking, energy and public utilities, and academia, including leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, a major university, and in the public sector. His experience was invaluable in creating a scalable, enterprise-level data structure that is flexible enough to accommodate large groups with centralized ownership, and scalable enough to grow Astute RM into a world-class enterprise.

Contact Us

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2173 S. Woodland Blvd.
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